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About Me, My Writing and Current Projects
I write in-between running a household of mostly males, home schooling, and attempting to remain sane. Wait, I don't think I can be sane and write, so strike that last part.
I've been through college and all the fun and heartbreaks entailed within. I've worked jobs that had me covered in paint from head to toe, and I've held positions such as General Manager of a southeastern corporation. When it came time for a family, however, I put all those positions behind me to concentrate on home. And - thanks to a supportive family - writing. I couldn't willingly return to an office job.  Writing is in my blood and this is where I find my personal happiness.
I've read romance in one form or another practically my entire life. Yes, I am a romantic to the core. 
I believe with my entire soul that there is a love out there for everyone.
Finding and developing this love is exciting. Holding onto and growing this love can be a struggle, but the immense reward of having a deep relationship is worth the hills and valleys along the way.
Sometimes love doesn't come where or when or from whom one expects. Sometimes it grows slow and easy and needs plenty of TLC. Other times, love can blindside you from out of nowhere and all you can do is hang on. However love comes your way, it's inevitable.
The pleasure comes in giving over  with all your being.
In sum, this is why I write erotic romance. Adding the erotic element to a romance is essential because people in successful long-term relationships have a strong sensual and sexual side. So much more can be revealed in a character by exploring what drives him or her sexually.
Okay, enough already, right? *grin* Yes, I could go on and on about true love, developing romance and the erotic heat, so if you ever want to chat about these subjects, count me in.

So, what am I working on now? 

It's been a rough year, 2016, and I've been AWOL for most all of the time. No more, though. I have plans for 2017 that'll rock your world. Stay tuned and stay in touch! 

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