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*Sexy Valentine's Love*

When a man, fourteen years her junior, takes an interest in Stacy, she struggles to accept his love…and his command.

If you haven't read Raspberries and Wine yet, now's your chance.  It's short, it's sexy, and it's perfect for a cozy winter's read!

Starting over after a divorce is never easy, as forty-three-year-old Stacy Dalton knows. She’ll be the first to say she’s happier, despite the lack of intimacy in her life. This desire for another’s touch, however, drives Stacy to make a date for Valentine’s Day. Her plan— seduction. Imagine her surprise when she opens the door, not to the older man she expected, but to his drop-dead gorgeous son. 

Twenty-nine-year-old Graham Rosen has always been attracted to older women. So making last-minute plans to take his father’s canceled date out to dinner seems an effortless and enjoyable task. From the moment the sable-haired beauty opens the door and acquiesces to his suggestion that she invite him to stay, he knows she will belong to him.   

Stacy’s hesitations dissolve under Graham’s attentive command, but she cannot seem to get past their age difference—or is there more to her fear than she’s admitting? And despite their attraction to one another, little assumptions threaten to tear them apart. Graham may have to force his hand to keep Stacy near, but will his methods bring her close or push her away?

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