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*February's a Time for Love*

When Stacy opens her door on Valentine’s Day, it’s not to the man she expected, but to the man who’ll give her what she needs....

If you haven't read Raspberries and Wine yet, now's your chance.  It's short, it's sexy, and it's your older woman-younger man fantasy.

It’s Valentine’s day and newly liberated divorcee Stacy has a plan: seduce her former classmate and end the post-divorce intimacy drought. There is a slight hiccup in the plan when it’s not her former classmate that shows up--but his drop-dead gorgeous son.

Some women need a strong man--with an even stronger hand. Graham is no mere boy to shy away from a challenge, and he is more than willing to show Stacy he’s serious about his desire for her beyond just one lustful night. 

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