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*Spring is in the Air*

Almost too much, if you ask me.
Here in the deep south, our springtime is yellow.
Yes, I'm talking about pollen.
Allergies run rampant
with the runny noses, itchy eyes and massive headaches.
Yellow dust coats--I mean completely coats--everything in sight.
You can't even go outside and enjoy and early morning cup of coffee without sitting in a cloud of pollen that's settled onto your chair.
And by the time you go in,
you have the insufferable stuff all over you as well.

But, we're used this around here.
No complaints.
We take our meds and wash down what we can and move on.
Mostly, we ignore these inconveniences for the reality of a sweet spring.

Newness surrounds us now.
New buds on the trees,
and the early flowers are blooming their vibrant colors.
The weather eases into comfortable temperatures
and being outside
(despite the pollen)
is a must.

Where ever you're celebrating your spingtime, enjoy!

As always, thank you for stopping by my site.
Take your time, browse around,
and see if you can't find something here
that'll spark your own love of love.


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