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*As summer comes to a close*

I don't know about you,
but summertime has absolutely flown by for me.
And I have been busy!
The family and I have been to
theme parks, water parks, the beach and the mountains.
I was able to sneak away for several days by myself
for a first-time visit to the west coast.

I look back
over the past two months
and simply go,

Now, if all of this activity hasn't been enough,
my latest sci-fi release
seems to be hitting the readers right.
A HUGE thank you and hugs
to everyone who bought and enjoyed the story. 
And for those who haven't yet--
wha'cha waiting for? :)

Of course,
I'm also eagerly looking forward to cooler weather...
but more about that in the months ahead.

Still, as with everything,
summer is winding down.
In mid-August the little ones return to school,
and since I'm their teacher,
it's back to school for me, too.
My writing will pare back to
evenings and the occasional moment alone.
But I expected this,
so I'm ready.
Bring it on, baby!

As always, thank you for stopping by my site.
Take your time, browse around,
and see if you can't find something here
that'll spark your own love of love.


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